Puma Spikeless Golf Shoes – A Bestseller In Golf

Puma sneakers are one of the best selling athletic shoes throughout the world. The name Puma is synonymous with sports footwear and quality. Not only are Puma sneakers stylish than most Spiked shoes but also they provide superior performance to play on the biggest stage; i.e. the golf course. Many professional golf players such as Tiger Woods, Phil Michelson and others use these amazing shoes not just for fashion purposes but also for its great performance on the golf course.

puma spikeless golf shoes


Unlike other full-grain leather athletic shoes, the sole of Puma golf shoes do not have any rubber coating. They are designed to absorb impact and provide solid grip while walking on the green. Although these shoes are mostly made out of synthetic rubber and canvas, some models are also available in full-grain leather. Moreover, there are a wide variety of colors available in these Puma shoes such as the classic black and white and the popular pink and red.

These shoes are very comfortable to wear because of their flexible cuffs and the fact that there is an anatomically-designed inlay right below the toes to provide optimum shock absorption. The anatomical design also enables the shoe to conform to the shape of the feet even when one is walking for a long time. The soft padding also helps to absorb shock. Also, the all-day cushioning and shock absorbing capabilities of the shoes help one to remain comfortable for the whole duration of the game. Such features make these shoes ideal for golf courses.

The upper in these athletic shoes is made of high-density textile that provides excellent grip. Also, the outcome has been carefully designed with grooves that provide outstanding traction and protection on soft surfaces. It is one of the best spikeless golf shoes in the market today because of its superior combination of high quality materials and innovative technology. It offers superior comfort and durability that is also made possible through the use of the special Nike Air Max technology that contains air cells that are responsive to body heat to reduce the temperature buildup.

As mentioned earlier, these shoes are lightweight with high-tech soles. They are also equipped with air pockets to reduce heat buildup and heat away from the feet when one is walking for a long time. The Nike Air Max technology is also incorporated in these athletic shoes to provide lightweight, highly breathable performance. With so many innovative technologies integrated into these Puma spikeless golf shoes, one can expect nothing but the best from this brand.

These are one of the best golf shoe brands that offer the latest technology and comfort. The Puma golf street retro spikeless shoes are offered in various colors and designs. You can choose from plain black, white or red to suit your style and preference. It is also available in various sizes so you can get the right fit. However, these are not cheap because of its hi-tech materials used. But then, it is worth every penny since it not only keeps you comfortable on the course but is also a great fashion statement.

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