Digital Marketing Examples That Help Increase Your Online Business

If you’re interested in online marketing, then you definitely want to pay attention to these online marketing examples. These online marketing examples range from blogging, article marketing, forum marketing, video marketing, blog marketing, and website promotion. Here, I’ll dive into seven real life online marketing examples, including email marketing, social networking, bookmarking, blogging, and SEO. Also include links at the end of this post to further unique ideas for online marketing. With that said, I’ll start with email marketing. Let’s dive right in.

online marketing examples

Email is one of the best online marketing examples around. Most internet marketers have probably already heard of influencer marketing. What is it? Influencer marketing is a web marketing strategy in which a business rewards visitors who read their emails based on their viewing of promotional material. If your website can be found in the “irinious” section of a visitor’s search results and they click on your link, you get a commission.

How can email marketing be used to pull in new visitors and increase sales? When I say ‘pulling in new visitors’, I’m talking about traffic. A well thought out email marketing example should be able to create and pull traffic in. The first step to creating a good pull is to determine the purpose of your website. This usually ties in with your product description. In other words, if your business sells eyeglasses, then you need to build a website around eyeglasses.

The next step is to drive traffic to your website. Traffic is basically just another word for visitors. A visitor could be someone who came to your site through an adense advertisement, they might be a search engine user looking for specific information, or they may simply be someone who stumbled across your site by browsing. All of these visitors have one thing in common, they’re looking for something. This something can be information, products, services, or even just someone’s opinion.

To generate traffic, you want to start with SEO (search engine optimization). SEO can be very time consuming, but when done correctly it can generate massive amounts of traffic to any website. An example of a successful, but simple and easy to implement SEO strategy is to submit your site to a directory. The directory will either choose you or put a ‘spammy’ tag on your site that makes it appear like spam to the search engines. This means no one will ever find your site because the search engines will label you as a spammer. The directory that picked me up actually had over 500 million pages listed so my promotion campaign was a huge success.

Once the site is accepted, you’ll want to develop a solid online marketing strategy to support your site. This may include joining a few forums that are related to your niche, or signing up for a couple different social networking accounts. You may also want to start looking into pay per click advertising. You can purchase Google AdWords, though you should know that this method is more difficult than most people think it is.

Another one of the effective digital marketing allows you to capture and follow qualified leads. If you’re unfamiliar with qualified leads, here’s a quick breakdown. Qualified leads are those who have expressed some interest in what you have to offer, but who haven’t made a purchase yet. Digital marketing examples such as the aforementioned search engines and directories provide a great way to build qualified leads. Once you have these leads, you can begin to market to them until you eventually sell a product or service.

Lastly, another one of the most effective online marketing strategies I have implemented in the past year is an Influencer marketing example. An influencer marketing example involves a business giving away a free product, like a new radio show for example, in exchange for a signature link included on someone else’s webpage. Typically the business will provide a unique link to someone who has signed up to receive information from the host. This is great because it gives you a chance to build relationships with people that are likely to buy in the future. As you can see, there are a variety of digital marketing methods that can help you increase your online business.

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