An Affiliate Marketing Beginner’s Guide to Courses That Provide the Fundamentals

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An Affiliate Marketing Beginner’s Guide to Courses That Provide the Fundamentals

When you decide that affiliate marketing is the way to go to earn real money online, the next step is finding the best affiliate marketing course. This can be a very daunting task as there are many different courses available. These are of course, the most popular courses on the market and cover lots of ground for new affiliate marketers. At the top of this list are the top five affiliate marketing courses explained below.

The Wealthy Affiliate University is one of the top affiliate marketing courses around. They have a wealth of downloadable resources which help you understand how to make more money through your website. The course includes detailed information on how to set up your website with an e-commerce system, then how to get it ranked high in the search engines so you receive visitors from all over the world. They also go into great detail about SEO, PPC and pay per click advertising, which is very powerful if used correctly.

Traffic Confidently is another very popular course material used by affiliate marketing course experts. It teaches you how you can use on-page and off-page strategies to bring free targeted traffic to your websites. The course material also provides you with hours on-demand video instruction by Tim Godfrey, a successful online marketer and professional web designer. The course material goes into greater depth on traffic generation methods and gives you detailed information on keyword research and building links. Once you finish the course, you will have hours on-demand video instruction by Tim Godfrey.

A Wealthy Affiliate University course called Facebook Marketing for Newbies focuses on teaching affiliate marketers how to use Facebook and other social media sites to their advantage. The course teaches you how to build social networks using Facebook, creating useful groups, attracting targeted prospects, and using Facebook applications such as photo and video sharing. There are a number of downloadable resources included in the course including an advanced strategy for Facebook ads, cold calling techniques, and how to attract more subscribers and customers to your squeeze page by creating highly creative banners. There are also several hours on-demand video instruction by Tim Godfrey.

Traffic Confidently is not your ordinary affiliate marketing course. In fact, it is the product of two highly regarded online marketing gurus, Jon Di Lemme and Justin Marcechal. The course material targets web site promotion through Facebook and Twitter. It also shows you how you can leverage on social media to promote your websites. Other downloadable resources from this course include detailed strategies on sex, social networking, and email marketing to help you create a profitable email list. There are also several hours on-demand video instruction by Tim Godfrey.

All of these courses are excellent general programs for any affiliate marketing beginner, but their focus is social networking and email marketing. Each of these courses is a good value for the money, but if you are just getting started online, these may not be enough. If you already have a website or blog, however, these courses can serve as the foundation for solid SEO and email campaigns. The average user will need more detailed instruction for all of these topics.